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What are we about? Anything and everything career-related! More often than not, we don’t have regular conversations with friends and family about our...

About LRC

Tristan is a career coach and resume writer that approaches career development with clients by combining their own personal branding with their career field. He helps them identify their interest and develop a plan to hone in on those skills in their careers. He produces resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that are marked by their consistency, infusion of keywords, and unique formatting. With almost 4 years as a hiring manager and 300+ clients under his belt with Layfield Resume Consulting, he's on a mission to help millennials flourish in their careers by building a brand around what they’re good at and enjoy to do!


300+ resume revisions with an 83% job placement rate

10 years of business acumen in the lab management, retail management, and biotech industry.

1.5 years of project management for IBM

4 years as a hiring manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific

7+ years of project management experience

1 year as a Department Manager for Von Maur

Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of Michigan

Industries serviced include but are not limited to: Higher Education, Government, Social Work, Nursing, Operations, Sales, Banking, Marketing, Media, Medicine, Customer Service, Food Service, Public Health, Pharmaceutical, Facilities, and Biotech.