Have you ever felt stuck in your current job?
Do you not currently have a job?
Are you looking to switch careers?
Need help negotiating your salary?

If any of these situations apply to you, we have a solution.

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What is BOSS! UP Career Coaching?

BOSS UP! Career Coaching is an hourly service that specializes in targeted individualized sessions focused on providing clarity, motivation, and an action plan guaranteed to bring success. Our success hinges upon your success. Once a member of the LRC BOSS Team, we work consistently to help achieve any career goals set forth. We will provide clarity and motivation, as well as strategies to set goals and develop actions plans. 

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Topics are generally decided on by you during our exploratory call but some potential topics include:

  • Salary Negotiation
  • How to get out a dead end job
  • How to move up in a company
  • How transition between industries
  • Job search strategy
  • Interview Prep
  • And So Many More!
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Once you become a member of the LRC BOSS Team, we will work with you as much as possible to help you achieve your career goals. We will provide clarity, motivation, set goals, and make actions plans to ensure you know exactly what you want to do and how you will accomplish it.


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