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Resume Writer & Owner - Tristan Layfield

Who Am I?


I’m Tristan Layfield, and I collaborate with my clients to craft careers, resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that stand out!

I work closely with millennial professionals to help transform their careers by providing stylish, modern professional documents that attract attention. In my coaching sessions I use innovative coaching techniques to help clients recognize they are the CEOs of their careers.

Call me your personal resume finesser as I will incorporate numbers, detail, keywords, and eye-catching formats to ensure that every recruiter wants to speak with you. As the head BOSS UP! Coach, I work hand-in-hand with my clients to identify what they are seeking to do and develop a detailed action-plan to get them there.

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Worried I Won't Get It Right?


Worried I won’t get it right? Well squash that worry because I have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, on all documents, with up to 2 full revisions if you aren’t satisfied. We’ve got you covered!

Since LRC’s inception, we have helped 300+ clients land lucrative job offers in numerous industries including: Higher Education, Government, Non-Profit, Social Work, Nursing, Operations, Sales, Banking, Marketing, Media, Medicine, Customer Service, Food Service, Public Health, Pharmaceutical, Facilities, and Biotech.

So I ask, do you want to transition into the career of your dreams? Are you ready to have a resume, cover letter, and/or LinkedIn profile that stands out and catches the interest of every recruiter it encounters?

I am here and ready to help you translate your value to better sell yourself to potential employers and snag that job offer you’ve been waiting for.

Don't Believe Me? Listen To One Our Clients...


Tristan did an amazing job revamping my resume and cover letter. He was extremely thorough and professional and I felt like I was in good hands. He not only did a great job at translating my words on to paper, but he was extremely encouraging and made me feel like an allstar throughout the process. Will 100% come back for any future resume/career coaching needs!

Drew Holdwick | Community Experience Partner @ Evite

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