Stay Ready You Ain't Got To Get Ready #InterviewPrepTips


You’ve got a new resume, you’ve spent countless hours job hunting, and now you’ve landed an interview. Congratulations, take a moment to pat yourself on the back! Unfortunately, I really do mean a moment because now the real work begins. Interviews are the time for recruiters and hiring managers to see if you can defend and sell those words that are on your resume (read: they want to make sure you’re not a professional catfish). 


There are a few tips that will ensure you have a great interview and, hopefully, land the position.


Always come to the interview prepared. I would hope that before applying to the position you would’ve taken the time to research the company to which you are applying. If you haven’t, then get on it! This will give you a good understanding of the company, the culture, and provide a solid foundation upon which you can base your answers. Also, take the time to do a mock interview or two (even if it has to be in the mirror with yourself). 


This will allow you to practice your interviewing skills, think of potential answers to common questions, and adjust accordingly. Make sure you have specific examples of your work to back up your answers. Another key preparation tip is to develop a handful questions to ask your interviewer. I would not suggest asking about salary at this point in time. We all know money is the motive, but there are better moments to discuss this. You don’t want to count yourself out before you even begin.


Dress appropriately. Remember, interviews are about making a lasting impression. Attempt to get a feel for the culture. Now, I am not saying because you saw Tom walk out in a Hawaiian shirt that you should follow suit, but the culture could determine whether you go with just a shirt and tie or if you decide to break out your interview suit. Also, I hate to say this because it’s 2017 and we should be living in utopia….but we’re not. So please make sure your makeup, jewelry, and cologne/perfume are appropriate for the industry/company. You don’t want to show up in your come-hither freakum dress, it could get awkward. 



Be 10-15 minutes early. Any earlier and you are putting unnecessary pressure on the interviewer. Any later could leave you looking unprepared and the interviewer could take that as an indicator of your performance as an employee.


For the love of all things great, do not let your cell phone ring. Leave it in the car if at all possible. If you are going to leave it in your pocket then at the very least turn it off or on do not disturb/airplane mode. 


End your interview on a good note. Make sure to wrap your interview by thanking your interviewer for taking the time out to speak with you. Give them a firm handshake (not too firm, you are not the Incredible Hulk) and make eye-contact while doing so. After all, we are still making an impression and it needs to be a lasting one!


            While there is so much more that could be said about interview etiquette, these 5 tips are the fundamentals. Hopefully, they get you on the right track and makes your next interview more impactful. If you need more assistance preparing for an interview then check out our Interview Prep service.