New Beginnings…


   We all have those dreadful stories about writing résumés, but few have stories of being on the receiving end of those résumés. Let me set the scene:


   This story starts about 4 years ago and nowhere near Sicily, more like the small city of Belleville, MI.  I had just accepted the role as Regional Site Supervisor for Thermo Fisher Scientific. One of the most pressing priorities upon assuming the role was filling an open position in Columbus, OH. My recruiter sent me 10 résumés to review so I began my review:


   Out of those 10 résumés I received, only 2 of them adequately conveyed experience, had uniform formatting, didn't contain misspellings, and were achievement-oriented letting me know the value they added to their previous companies. So I proceeded with interviewing those 2 and another candidate for good measure.

   I noticed that this was a common trend throughout my 3.5 years as a hiring manager. People took pride in their work history and experience, but most had trouble conveying that and marketing themselves on paper. After speaking with a colleague (read: friend), I came to the conclusion that there was a gap for an old school comprehensive service to assist with résumé development. This gap, along with countless request for résumé help from family and friends,  is what birthed Layfield Resume Consulting (LRC) and the website you are on today.


   LRC is a services-based company that is geared towards providing modern day resume assistance to millennials. Though our services are geared towards millennials, they are open anyone seeking a new opportunity. We currently offer a variety of services including Resume Review, Resume Builder, Cover Letter Review, and Interview Prep. For more information on our services, prices, and how to get on our schedule please visit our Services page. We do offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee with up to 2 free revisions, so try our services worry free!

   I intend to update this blog on a semi-weekly basis with helpful hints, tips, and articles from the résumé, cover letter, and job searching realms. I plan on infusing humor, gifs, and anything else to make my posts not only informational but fun to read. If there are any topics you'd like to see in our blogs feel free to suggest it in the form on our Contact page (keep it cute).

   I want to thank you for taking the time to visit the blog and our site. If you have any inquiries please visit our Contact page or email me at I hope you decide to take our services for a test drive and own a résumé for who you want to be.